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Starline's Sugar
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Starline's Sugar


Starline's Sugar


Starline's Sugar rounding 'em up!

This is one of the best books ever written about dogs.
I highly recommend it, if you can find it!

Practical Guide to Sporting and Working Dogs
Practical Guide for Sporting and Working Dogs by Dr. Dominique Grandjean DVM 
"This practical guide for working and sporting dogs is the first work to
bring together and clearly present the group of information regarding dog use in sporting or working situations.
It is intended as an indispensable reference work for dog professionals, handlers, breeders,
and veterinarians involved in the field.
It is also intended to show the perfect complementary relationship between dog trainers
and veterinarians is an area we call Canine Sport Medicine."
The authors used simple language, multiple illustrations, and most especially an
international perspective in creating this reference work.

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